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Paso Robles & Morro Bay

Four weeks after knee replacement and time for a road trip. This weekend was our winery’s (Jack Creek Cellars ) spring release party – pizza, gelato and of course wine tasting. To break up the trip we spent the night after the party in Morro Bay – the weather is SOCAL finally broke — the first days in the 70’s since early January and the clear blue sky’s made the trip enjoyable. To give my chauffeur a break on the way back to Pasadena we stopped in Santa Barbara for lunch and great views of the Pacific.



Los Angeles Union Station

Five weeks after knee replacement Chris convinced me to take a guided tour of Los Angeles Union station. It was an easy trip getting there by catching the Metro Gold Line which runs two blocks from our house directly to the station. The two hour tour was tiring but enjoyable since we got to view areas in the station not always open to the public and having points highlighted that we generally just pass using the station and not even noticing. The burger and beer before heading home also made the trip enjoyable.

Union Station Architecture 


Poppies and Cactus

Six weeks after knee replacement and a bad case of cabin fever I headed out on my own to view the  years spectacular wildflower bloom and the beginnings of cactus flowering season. First I headed to San Francisquito Canyon Rd in Angeles National Forest  an area where I previously viewed California Poppies and then on to Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve the star area in northeast Los Angeles for the orange blooms. Unfortunately there were so many visitors I didn’t even attempt to enter he reserve but toured around the peripheral fields – the views were still specular.  Leaving the reserve I headed further north to Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland State Park – The park protects mature stands of Joshua trees and California juniper trees in their western Mojave Desert habitat. It was a several mile slog through sandy trails but very rewarding.

California Poppies


Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland State Park

Route 66 – Early Start

Planning to head back to Florida in mid-May by car again. As you know we eschew the interstates and head out on the red and blue roads. This time I’m looking into following route 66 — also known as the Will Rogers Highway, the Main Street of America or the Mother Road. Last weekend I started the trip by heading west from Los Angeles on Sunset Blvd. and Santa Monica Blvd. to the “End of the Trail” sign on the Santa Monica Pier. The road trip took me through Beverly Hills and a walk along the bluffs of Santa Monica looking down at the Pier. Looking forward to tripping from Los Angeles to San Bernadino before we leave for real.

Beverly Hills


Santa Monica

2018 Summer Adventure – Bryce Canyon NP

Bryce Canyon National Park, a sprawling reserve in southern Utah, is known for crimson-colored hoodoos, which are spire-shaped rock formations. The park’s main road leads past the expansive Bryce Amphitheater, a hoodoo-filled depression lying below the Rim Trail hiking path. It has overlooks at Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, Inspiration Point and Bryce Point. Prime viewing times are around sunup and sundown.

My favorite national park – I’ve been able to photograph the park in each season and especially enjoyed snowshoeing and shooting in the winter.

2018 Summer Adventure – Capitol Reef NP

Capitol Reef National Park is in Utah’s south-central desert. It surrounds a long wrinkle in the earth known as the Waterpocket Fold, with layers of golden sandstone, canyons and striking rock formations. Among the park’s sights are the Chimney Rock pillar, the Hickman Bridge arch, and Capitol Reef, known for its white sandstone domes. In the north are the towering monoliths of Cathedral Valley.

2018 Summer Adventure – Arches National Park

Arches National Park lies north of Moab in the state of Utah. Bordered by the Colorado River in the southeast, it’s known as the site of more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches, such as the massive, red-hued Delicate Arch in the east. Long, thin Landscape Arch stands in Devils Garden to the north. Other geological formations include Balanced Rock, towering over the desert landscape in the middle of the park.

Looking back over 2018 travels while recovering from knee replacement

Never had the time to complete documenting our summer travels with our granddaughter – so the next couple of posts will cover the rest of our Utah travels.

Monument Valley Tribal Park AZ /UT

Monument Valley, a red-sand desert region on the Arizona-Utah border, is known for the towering sandstone buttes of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The park, frequently a filming location for Western movies, is accessed by the looping, 17-mile Valley Drive. The famous, steeply sloped Mittens buttes can be viewed from the road or from overlooks such as John Ford’s Point.


Mexican Hat Utah

The village itself is small, home to fewer than 100 people  but the surrounding scenery is exceptional and not often visited, featuring 1,200 foot sandstone cliffs at the edge of Cedar Mesa, deep, layered canyons of the San Juan River, vast sandy desert plains, and a wide valley studded with isolated red rock buttes and mesas.


Kodachrome SP and Grosvenor Arch


As you drive on the bumpy dirt road towards Grosvenor Arch, you see miles and miles of sage brush on rolling terrain. So when you finally arrive at the arch, this sandstone structure’s massiveness is jaw-dropping. Sheer and colossal cliffs—quite an impressive sight, indeed. The “arch” is actually two arches, which tower 150 feet above the ground. The largest arch is nearly 100 feet in diameter. In 1949, the arch was named in honor of National Geographic Society president Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor, who became the first full-time editor of the National Geographic magazine. Grosvenor Arch is part of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (formerly part of Kodachrome Basin State Park), and is one of the biggest such arches within the monument. Poised at the end of a sandstone ridge, Grosvenor Arch feels remote, but is in  close proximity to Kodachrome Basin State Park.

The left and center photos are from the Angel’s Palace Trail, a 1.5-mile hike that boasts some of the area’s finest views from over 100 feet above the canyons floor.

Walking Pasadena prior to the rains

After spending 3 months in Florida including Christmas week with our entire family and a long weekend with my highschool friends and their spouses we headed back to Pasadena. I’m getting prepared to have my left knee replaced after success with having the right knee done last August. Hiking and walking to build up some strength drove me to walk the Arroyo and revisit some sites which make me remember why Pasadena is such a lovely city.

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