Thursday was our first day of trying to put on some eastward miles but still enjoying the southern sections of Colorado. Our first stop along Rt 160 was just east of Pagosa Springs – Treasure Falls which is just off the highway but the best view is taking a .25 mile hike about 300 feet up a switchback trail. Views are great but the water spray was not conducive for my camera equipment so I had better views then you will. (Turned out to be a recurring theme of the day). Then on to one of my bucket list stops, the 440,000 year old Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve which protects the tallest sand dunes ( over 750 feet) in North America. We walked the dunes, waded in Medano Creek and off-roaded to the Sand Pit to a less crowed and more remote section of the park. Leaving the park we then headed to Zapata Falls about 3.5 miles up a bone jarring unpaved road at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains followed by a .5 mile hike, bolder scramble and stream crossings in 32 degree and swift running water. The falls are tucked around a rock ledge still covered with ice and requiring a wade through the freezing water and spray. I left my camera and shirt behind to view the falls (to protect the camera) and take a cold mist shower (amazing sight – you will need to search the net). Pushing on to reach Trinidad we drove one of the best scenic byways we have found in our travels the Highway of Legends which runs from Le Veta to Trinidad – 71 miles of twists, turns, ranch lands and forests, mountain fins looking like ancient Roman ruins, coal and coke ovens and scenic lakes. 

Treasure Falls

Great Sand Dunes NP


Zapata Falls

Along the Highway of Legends


Additional Photo’s will be add on my website next week.

Other news: We were informed today that Herman the RV has a new owner and we hope the buyers have as much fun travelling the country as we do.