A sister’s weekend is always the very BEST! and while I am in NJ we always plan something special. This year we decided to visit NYC – specifically the 911 Memorial Museum & One World Observatory.

Following a pajama party last Friday night, we awoke to take the train & PATH to WTC plaza. The new PATH station is quite contemporary and impressive.  After craning our necks at the soaring One World Center the first thing we noticed was Trinity Church and its very green square framing it. That church was entirely unscathed by the 911 destruction even as it stood was only 3 blocks away.  Of course we had to visit it. This historic church carries a solemnity I have not felt – ever.  Memorials to 911 victims & tributes to rescue workers border the interior. It was a fitting introduction to the day ahead of us.

The north & south pools memorializing the almost 3000 victims are called the absence pools-the water falling over the walls descend to a center pit which cannot be visualized from any angle. Seeing all those names makes your heart break. We saw a couple of names with ’unborn child’ and also Todd  Beamer’s name, who famously said “Let’s Roll” on flight 93.

The 911 Museum was touching, emotional, historical, dramatic. We could have easily spent 3-4 hours exploring, reading, viewing, absorbing…the last exhibit offers the most information so if you have the opportunity to visit, be sure to move along & save most of your time for the end. Many galleries prohibit photography so I am lacking pictures. I was able to capture the last beam inscribed by various fire & rescue companies, the steel beams twisted by the weight of the falling towers, the burned out  Fire Co 3 Ladder truck&  the Vessey stairs which remain in their original position and were the main exit to the street for so many fortunate survivors. The museum is absolutely a ‘must see’ .

One World Observatory carries you up to the 102 floor on an elevator while a video plays which depicts the history of New York in from the 1500’s through today with its soaring skyline.  Saturday was a spectacularly sunny clear day so we could really enjoy the view.