After spending Christmas in North Carolina we headed south for a week in Northeast Florida (first week in January) to scope out the area and see if it was a viable location in which to relocate our second home. We stayed in a timeshare on  Ormond Beach and toured the coast from Atlantic Beach to New Smyrna Beach and inland to DeLand. We were pleased with the area enjoying the dining, the small towns, state parks and the cultural amenities. We also reconnected with long time friends who live in the area. The trip  took us back to Plantation Bay ( a planned golf community) which we visited a year ago and confirmed that we still like the community and after some soul searching we signed a contract to start construction of a house in November 2016 for delivery in May 2017.  Some highlights of our week included climbing the Ponce de Leon Inlet  Lighthouse, touring the Daytona International Speedway, hiking through Sugar Mill Ruins SP and spending a day in DeLand – a walk along downtown  and you  find antique shops, outdoor bistros and theaters.  DeLand is home to Stetson University, Florida’s oldest college.

Ponce de Leon Inlet  Lighthouse


Sugar Mill Ruins SP

Daytona Speedway