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January 2018

Devils Punchbowl and Inspiration Point – January 15, 2018

The Devil’s Punchbowl is a unique 1,310 acre geological wonder where you hike  a 1 mile loop trail through a deep canyon formed by the runoff of  water from the higher San Gabriel Mountains. The trail takes you to the bottom of the bowl and through the up tilted rock formations created by layers of sedimentary rocks forced up by the local earthquake faults. After completing the loop hike I headed to the South Fork campground to hike the 6 mile out and back trail to the backside of the punchbowl and to the Devil’s Chair a huge white rock mass at the turnaround point. While hiking the trail I had many views of the snow-covered San Gabriel’s and decided to get a upclose look by driving to Inspiration Point along the Highway 2 where it crosses the Pacific Coast Trail.




2018 Pasadena Rose Parade – New Years Day

After many years of watching the parade by standing on Colorado Blvd. or from my office building on Lake Ave. we “roughed it”. Well not really we rented a table at a local restaurant along the parade route – enjoyed brunch, watched and photographed.

Members of Pasadena’s Valley Hunt Club first staged the parade in 1890. Since then the parade has been held in Pasadena every New Year’s Day, except when January 1 falls on a Sunday. In that case, it is held on the subsequent Monday, January 2. This exception was instituted in 1893, as organizers did not wish to disturb horses hitched outside Sunday church services.

For more info on the Parade see

Starting Fresh in 2018

After too long of a hiatus my 2018 resolution is to revive this blog and my website:  (PeterSKucmaPhotography. com). To do so I will look back and post on events of 2017 as well as staying current in 2018. Please share this blog with your family and friends – the more feedback I get the better the blog will become. For my Pasadena friends I will continue to add Framed Photography to my Pasadena Assistance League Craft Fair Inventory – you can view them and all the fine work of other crafters @  820 East California Blvd. Pasadena, California 91106.

New Years Eve

Walking Orange Grove Avenue as the parade floats begin to cue. At the stroke of midnight all you could here is the sound of fireworks led by Los Angles and followed by most of the surrounding communities (or lit up revellers). A lot calmer walking Colorado Blvd. no couches, fires, grills this year – also void of street vendors – security very tight. Home to bed for a little sleep and an early morning to see the parade.

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