After too long of a hiatus my 2018 resolution is to revive this blog and my website:  (PeterSKucmaPhotography. com). To do so I will look back and post on events of 2017 as well as staying current in 2018. Please share this blog with your family and friends – the more feedback I get the better the blog will become. For my Pasadena friends I will continue to add Framed Photography to my Pasadena Assistance League Craft Fair Inventory – you can view them and all the fine work of other crafters @  820 East California Blvd. Pasadena, California 91106.

New Years Eve

Walking Orange Grove Avenue as the parade floats begin to cue. At the stroke of midnight all you could here is the sound of fireworks led by Los Angles and followed by most of the surrounding communities (or lit up revellers). A lot calmer walking Colorado Blvd. no couches, fires, grills this year – also void of street vendors – security very tight. Home to bed for a little sleep and an early morning to see the parade.